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The incubator organizes a number of events in the fields of (support ideas - project development - support of digital content - enable the production of technology in the community) through several events such as seminars, induction lectures, workshops, training courses, exhibitions, conferences and scientific forums in order to achieve the desired objectives in creating an environment conducive to learning, innovation and production, and spreading a competitive and cooperative spirit that benefits the society and helps to rebuild the Islamic civilization.

Contest Conditions

Tulip Technological Incubator launched the Annual University Projects Competition for university students in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa.

The competition aims to highlight the projects of creative university students and encourage them to enter the competition in the production and development of technology, and connect the candidates projects’ owners to a network of investors and academics provide them with the necessary support to enter the labor market and get a chance to shine and win the award.

Submission deadline

January 9th 2019

Projects’ owners conditions

1- The project owners should be from public and private universities in Turkey or in the Arab countries who have access to or residence in Turkey.

2- The project owner should be a student in faculties related to information and communications technology (faculties of information engineering, computer engineering, communications engineering, information systems management) or any other competence to be based on a technology.

Terms of the Project

1- The project shall be a university project or a result of a university research study.

2. The application of the project idea will lead to a practical and marketable model.

3 – The idea of the project is new or a distinct development of a pre-existing idea.

4- The project should be submitted on behalf of all students participating in it.

The first stage

The first stage

Applying for the contest has to be submitted by remote registration and filling out the electronic form at the following this link

The second stage

Seven projects are selected by the initial evaluation committee to conduct interviews with the owners to choose three projects based on criteria related to the validity of the scientific theory on which the idea of the project depends and the possibility of developing it and transforming it into a creative company.

The Committee consists of four members:

1- Computer Engineering professor at Tulip Academy of Science and Technology

/ To evaluate the validity of the project idea and the scientific theory adopted by it /

2- An expert businessman in international economy

/ To measure the convertibility of the idea into a pioneer project /

3- Young founder of a Turkish company incubated by Teknopark.

/ To measure the project’s ability of facing the challenges of emerging companies /

4- Professor of Marketing and Sales Management

/ Evaluation of the accuracy of the selection of the category served by the project /

The third stage

Prepare marketing videos for the three candidates and support their publication on the social networks with the opening of the vote for the stronger idea, So that the total number of votes is a criterion added to the Commission’s decision to determine the winning project.

Closing ceremony

All participating projects and the official and governmental authorities supporting the awarding of the prizes are invited on the closing day.

What is WikiTuli

A collaborative platform (based on Wikipedia’s universal mechanism and programming) aimed at building the capacity of the youth and adolescents through the use of creative tools provided by the communications and technology revolution that simulates and synchronizes global experiences.

Work methodology

There are two periods per week, each one hour and a half. A one-month or two-month course (depending on what’s available) is offered to the project participants, broach to the following topics.

Wiki Language

Attendees recognize the language and how to use it, problems they may encounter and the appropriate solutions for it

Searching through the internet

There are many of the sources of research on the Internet, but few who know all the sources, the staff must be fully aware of the common and the most important sources of research so it will be easy to deal with them while helping the student.

The Computer

Attendees recognize the computer and its departments, the developments that have occurred throughout its history, as well as the problems that must be avoided when dealing with the student and the optimal use during the training and guidance process.

Training place specification

Internet network with excellent speed.

Computers with distinctive specifications
A room or laboratory with a projector or TV screen for display, a board and chairs
Theater for lectures and presentations.

Ideas Contest


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“If it matters to you to a great extent you should give it an attempt, even if the expected outcome is failure”

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